20 Top UK hospitality influencers for 2023

20 Top UK hospitality influencers for 2023

If you’re looking for expert insights, thought leadership, industry knowledge or hospitality opinions, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we reveal 20 of the best hospitality influencers for 2023, to help you source inspiration from industry experts.

How have we defined our list of hospitality influencers?

We have compiled a list of hospitality influencers with a significant following in the UK hospitality industry. While they may vary in the types of content that they produce, they have one thing in common; their ability to engage their audience.

Some hospitality influencers specialise in one particular area, for example, guest experience, or interiors, while others comment on a wider overview of hospitality.

Who can be classed as hospitality influencers?

The influencers in this list come from varying backgrounds, but offer valuable advice and information on a wide range of hospitality topics.

Hospitality influencers typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Industry experts
  • Industry associations
  • Media
  • Analysts
  • Academia

We have chosen to feature predominantly UK-based influencers to keep the list as relevant as possible for UK-based hospitality businesses.

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What makes an influencer relevant?

For hospitality businesses, the first question to ask yourself is why you are looking for influencers. Are you looking for industry insight, inspiration, or somebody to collaborate with?

The hospitality influencer’s personality, content, collaborations and reach are likely to play a key role in how relevant they are and whether they can help you to reach your objectives.

20 Top hospitality influencers for 2023

In this piece, we list 20 of the top hospitality influencers for 2023. Whether you’re looking for industry insights, expert knowledge, relevant studies or hospitality opinions, you’ll be able to find a combination of all of these in the following list:

  1. Ben Ebbrell – Founder and Chef at Sorted Food

Ben is Founder and Chef at Sorted Food; the YouTube channel packed with easily digestible food-related and training content. From chef skill challenges to creative kitchen ideas and kitchen gadget reviews, there is something that everybody can learn from.

  1. Stevie Slater – UK Restaurant Director at Hawksmoor Group

Stevie regularly features updates from the popular Hawksmoor Group on his LinkedIn, providing plenty of inspiration for restaurateurs that are looking to provide a first-class service for customers.

  1. Stelios Theocharous – Host of The Ceres Podcast

Stelios hosts The Ceres Podcast, speaking to influential people within the food and hospitality industry. Offering unique insights from chefs, food producers, growers, hoteliers, suppliers, restaurateurs, trade associations and many others, this is a fantastic source of information.

  1. Mark Lewis – Chief Executive of Hospitality Action

Mark is the Chief Executive of Hospitality Action. Providing assistance to all who work, or have worked within the UK hospitality industry, their website and Mark’s LinkedIn are great resources to help support hospitality employees and teams.

  1. Stuart Roberts – Deputy President, National Farmers’ Union

Stuart is Vice President of the National Farmers’ Union. As well as speaking at many industry events, he is highly active on Twitter, speaking passionately about farming and the sourcing of meat for hospitality businesses.

  1. Henry Dimbleby – Co-Founder, Leon Restaurants & the Sustainable Restaurant Association

Henry is a regular speaker on how to create a purpose-led hospitality business and how to create a better food system. He posts regularly on Twitter about topics that affect those in the industry.

  1. Olajide Alabi – Co-Founder of SISU

Olajide is a speaker that helps hospitality organisations to embed equality, equity, inclusion and wellbeing into the day-to-day running of their business. He uses his LinkedIn to post inspirational content from the industry, supporting inclusivity throughout.

  1. Andy Hulbert – VP of International Restaurant Development

Andy works closely with franchises in the food and beverages industry. His LinkedIn is packed with valuable information about growing businesses and franchise models.

  1. Laura Mills – COO at The Ivy Collection

Laura has been part of the team at The Ivy Collection for more than five years, using her LinkedIn to talk about all things relevant to running a successful hospitality establishment. From industry updates, to restaurant decor, there is something for everyone, including written content, articles and video content.

  1. Chris Fynes – Founder of We The Food Snobs

We The Food Snobs is an Instagram channel that showcases many of the best dining experiences and hotel interiors. It’s the perfect source of visual ideas that hospitality businesses can introduce in their own restaurants or hotels.

  1. Kris Hall – Founder of The Burnt Chef Project

Kris is an advocate for mental health within the hospitality industry, as well as speaking at events. As Founder of The Burnt Chef Project, he uses his LinkedIn and website to raise awareness for mental health issues within the hospitality trade.

  1. Mark Stanley – Head of Hotel Development & Member Services at BWH Hotel Group

Mark uses his LinkedIn to showcase the ways that hotels can go above and beyond expectations, including branding, customer experience and unique ideas that make BWH Hotel Group stand out.

  1. Iain Hoskins – Owner of Ma Pub Group

Iain is the owner of multiple hospitality venues in Liverpool, from restaurants to cocktail bars. Head over to Iain’s LinkedIn to keep up to date with stand-out meal ideas and enjoy his personal take on popular dining and drinking options.

  1. Marco Rebora – Founder of Restaurant and Bar Design Awards

If you’re looking for design inspiration for your restaurant or bar, look no further than Marco’s LinkedIn, where he shares the most unique and successful design ideas from around the world.

  1. Andrew Shiel-Redfern – GM of Hotel Du Vin Newcastle

Andrew is highly active on LinkedIn, sharing feel-good hospitality stories, as well as updates from Hotel Du Vin, showing how the chain has achieved and maintained its fantastic reputation.

  1. Connie – Founder of Lady Who Brunches

Connie is the Founder of Instagram channel, Lady Who Brunches. Her content takes followers through many of the world’s most exciting dining experiences, delving into the sourcing of ingredients, service, food and location. It’s a fantastic way to find new ideas that you could implement into your own restaurant!

  1. Rajesh Suri – Restaurant Consultant

Rajesh has more than 30 years of experience within hospitality, including 10 years as a Hotel Food & Beverage Manager and 20 years of managing fine dining Indian restaurants in London. Follow Rajesh’s LinkedIn updates to read about shifting trends and top tips to impress guests.

  1. Yotam Ottolenghi – Chef and Author

Yotam is a British chef, restaurateur and food writer. As well as co-owning seven delis and restaurants, he is the author of several bestselling cookery books. His Instagram channel is a great source of exciting recipes and top tips for exceptional guest experiences.

  1. Lylaa Shaikh – Instagram & TikTok Influencer

Named one of the top 10 Instagrammers to follow by the Evening Standard, Lylaa runs ‘Salt and Shaikh’, an Instagram and TikTok channel dedicated to showcasing the best dining experiences. Whether you’re looking for interior design ideas, or quirky menu tips, Lylaa’s visual content is bound to get creativity flowing.

  1. Victoria Taylor – Experiential Consultant & Designer

Victoria’s LinkedIn is a fantastic source of inspiration, showcasing some of the most unique and extraordinary hospitality experiences. Follow her posts for top tips on how to improve customer and guest experiences, increase brand engagement and grow loyalty.

20 Top UK hospitality influencers for 2023

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Hospitality influencers FAQ

Which types of hospitality influencers are in this list?

This list of hospitality influencers for 2023 features a range of the most influential people in the industry and thought leaders. Content formats include podcasts, inspirational content, interviews, publications, social media content and much more.

How can hospitality businesses use influencers?

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, pub or bar, these 20 best hospitality influencers for 2023 will fill you with inspiration from their own journeys, showcasing positive stories and countless ideas that you can introduce.