8 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day (2023 Update)

8 Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day 2022

As the 19th March approaches, restaurants are planning and perfecting their marketing ideas for Mother’s Day.

This article outlines the best marketing ideas for restaurants this Mother’s Day, as well as the ways that you can put them into practice.

8 Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day

There are many different marketing ideas for Mother’s Day that restaurants and other hospitality businesses can introduce. Begin by choosing the most suitable marketing concepts and then promote these on all available channels to customers, utilising social media, websites and any other platforms to grow awareness and create excitement.

Modern Hospitality will now list our top 7 marketing ideas for Mother’s Day.

1. Create a limited-time event

Whether it’s a Mother’s Day brunch, or a pop-up champagne bar in your restaurant, creating a limited-time event is a fantastic way to boost business this Mother’s Day. Creating a sense of urgency, this is the perfect method to tempt people to book and enjoy a memorable experience.

Ideas could include:

  • Collaborations with specific brands or local businesses
  • Mother’s Day tasting menus
  • BYOB, or ‘bring your own bottle’
  • Bottomless brunch
Marketing ideas for Mother's Day - brunch

2. Showcase your inclusivity

When deciding marketing ideas for Mother’s Day, don’t alienate customers by only catering to one version of what ‘mum’ can mean. Remember that a range of people can fulfil the role of ‘mum’, for example, grandmothers. If you’re celebrating the wide array of people that play a key part in upbringings, make it clear that all definitions of ‘mother’ and all types of families are welcome.

3. Special treatment for mums

Everybody that takes a loved one for a meal on Mother’s Day wants them to feel special, so restaurants should find ways to make this happen.

It’s the perfect opportunity to provide special treatment for mums, giving a reason for people to book. Think about any extras that you can offer, whether this involves freebies, discounts, or something as simple as a friendly welcome.

Ideas could include:

  • Flowers for mums
  • A complimentary drink
  • Free desserts or chocolates for mums
  • Coupons for future visits
  • Goody bags from local partners or businesses
  • Raffle tickets for mums to win gifts
  • Mother’s Day decorated tables

4. Create a unique drinks menu

Wine sales are 25 to 30 per cent higher on Mother’s Day than other days of the year. Tap into this demand by designing a Mother’s Day drinks menu, showcasing the most popular options.

These can be printed, or for those on a budget, you can utilise on-table QR codes to direct customers to an online version of the Mother’s Day drinks menu.

5. Offer cocktails

Cocktails are another way to excite customers this Mother’s Day. Whether you already serve cocktails, or this is completely new to your restaurant, this addition can work to get people talking. It is also one of the best marketing ideas for Mother’s Day to encourage Instagram pictures and sharing on social media.

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Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day

6. Design a Mother’s Day specials menu

Create a Mother’s Day specials menu to create excitement. It is recommended that you use data to analyse best-selling items on the menu. In particular, finding out the most popular foods from last Mother’s Day is a fantastic place to start when designing a Mother’s Day menu.

Remember, if you don’t have the budget to print a new set of menus, consider writing specials on a blackboard or using QR codes to take customers to a landing page.

Ideas could include:

  • Afternoon tea
  • Tapas
  • Best-selling items

7. Have Mother’s Day promotions

To encourage people to choose your restaurant to spend this special day, consider the types of Mother’s Day promotions that you can offer.

From ‘Buy one, get one free’ to happy hour, there are plenty of promotions that can tempt customers to make a booking and stay for longer.

8. Encourage interaction

Creating interactive marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to provide an outstanding experience, grow engagement and encourage future custom.

Ways to encourage interaction include:

  • Mother’s Day competitions with email signups
  • Social media giveaways for those using a chosen hashtag
  • Gifts for those that sign up to receive newsletters
  • Requesting reviews from customers
Mother's Day Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Put these restaurant marketing ideas for Mother’s Day into practice

Now you have seen some of the best marketing ideas for Mother’s Day, it’s time to put them to the test and see which could be beneficial additions to your restaurant.

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