The Hotel That Transformed Into a Socially Distanced Concert

hotel concert

Zeitgeist Vienna, a boutique hotel based in the heart of the city created a one-of-a-kind socially distanced concert experience for guests that has inspired hoteliers around the world.

With 55 rooms overlooking a central courtyard, Zeitgeist Vienna transformed their courtyard into an outdoor concert stage. Guests were able to book hotel rooms, transformed into ‘boxes’, with word quickly spreading and tickets selling out in just three days.

This unique idea allowed hotel guests to watch a live concert from the safety and comfort of their own hotel room, complete with room service. Additional extras included overnight stays and breakfast delivered to their rooms, allowing guests to enjoy a completely unique experience.

Naming their idea ‘Window Concerts’, Zeitgeist Vienna has featured opera singers, soul artists, country musicians and pop bands, creating an unusual offering designed to meet a wide range of preferences.

This unique idea has seen the hotel combine their rooms and room service with live music, making the most of being able to offer COVID-safe stays. Not only did they think, quite literally, outside the box, but they have been featured in the news for their creativity.

With innovative ideas making the difference when it comes to success amidst uncertainty, this is one that may inspire hoteliers that are currently unable to operate. It truly goes to show that even if it is not possible to offer typical hotel experiences, that you can still create stand-out, memorable stays for guests.