Choose the Right Restaurant Furniture

restaurant furniture

The purchase of restaurant furniture is a substantial investment, impacting customers’ comfort throughout their visit as well as the appearance of your establishment. With so many choices available, it is easy to get sidetracked, but these five questions will help you to stay on track when looking at potential restaurant furniture.

Is it on-brand?

You need to ensure that any restaurant furniture you purchase fits your desired brand image and doesn’t look out of place in your establishment. Consider how it will fit in with your existing colour schemes

What is your restaurant furniture’s purpose?

Consider the length of time you expect customers to stay. Places with faster service typically have stools or less comfortable chairs, while restaurants that encourage guests to take their time enjoying their meal may opt for a more luxurious, comfortable chair and larger table. Upholstered furniture and a spacious table that makes guests want to stay for longer periods of time could encourage them to order an extra course or glass of wine.

What are your options?

Most manufacturers will offer various finishes on each piece of furniture. From different colours to textures and materials, you should make sure you know the options available, as well as the cost of each, avoiding any unexpected costs. Some restaurateurs will opt for a one-size-fits-all approach, while others may prefer to choose variations of the same table or chair.

What is your priority for restaurant furniture?

Many make the mistake of looking only at the appearance of restaurant furniture and comparing it to the cost. You should read reviews and understand the life of your furniture. After all, however great a £40 table may look, if it needs replacing in two months, you would be better off investing in a more expensive, hardy and well-built piece of furniture. It’s important to take the lifecycle cost into account, as well as the initial cost. Think about the uses of each item, for example, how many people will use it every day. This will help you to find affordable items for your restaurant that fit your requirements

What do you know about the manufacturer’s processes?

Before agreeing to purchase your restaurant furniture, it is vital to understand exactly what you are getting and what the next steps are.

Check whether the furniture is rated for commercial use, requesting this information from the manufacturer if it is not readily available. You should also understand the manufacturer’s warranty, knowing what to do if items arrive damaged or break within set time periods. Find out the shipping time for your furniture, as some overseas manufacturers can take as long as 16 weeks to deliver. By knowing how long things will take and maintaining effective communication with the manufacturer, you will be able to make adequate preparations and install new furniture with minimal downtime.