Choosing the Right Restaurant Tableware

Deciding on the perfect restaurant tableware is a substantial investment and an important decision. With the need for it to fit in with your setting, interior design and brand, there is increasing pressure to get it right and impress customers.

When it comes to designing a restaurant, tableware is often one of business owners’ last considerations… but why is this the case when it sits in front of customers for most of their experience?

How to choose restaurant tableware

Whether you are on a budget or want to minimise cost, it is possible to do this. Ensure you make a wise investment when it comes to tableware, by making sure you have each of the following sections covered:

Set budget aside

Don’t forget tableware when setting budget aside for refurbishments or redesigns. While it may be one of the less costly parts of a refurbishment, overspending elsewhere can leave a small budget for tableware. Lower tableware budgets can be incredibly evident and negatively impact customers’ experiences, so be sure to set enough money aside.

Decide on your image

Your choice of restaurant tableware should be designed to represent your brand. When you have come up with a few suitable options, take them into your setting and view them in the light customers will see them in, at their tables. Check they look as you had expected and make sure they fit in with the setting before making a purchase.

Does it stand out?

Whether it’s a chipped side plate, or a stand-out piece which makes a statement, it will be remembered. More often than not, customers look for an experience when they eat out, so you should focus on tableware which makes an impression. This doesn’t always have to mean bright colours… if your preference is bone china, there are still ways to make it memorable, experimenting with extraordinarily shaped pieces for a unique spin.

Will it last?

As attractive as items may be, if it does not stand the test of time, it is not a worthwhile investment for your restaurant. Make sure your tableware is a long-term investment, carrying out research around each piece before making a purchase. Considerations can include ensuring tableware is of a high quality, can withstand heat and is dishwasher safe. Speak with manufacturers and look for reviews of products before deciding if they are the right choice for you.

Does it look attractive?

How often do you see people taking pictures of their food and drink at restaurants? This works as free marketing, making customers proud to share images of their beautifully presented meals. Making sure your tableware is designed to impress is vital in capturing this market’s attention and growing business. Even if being shared online isn’t your main focus, it is important to remember that tableware will be included in customers’ photos, whether you like it or not… and it will influence potential customers’ perceptions of your restaurant.

With all these factors to consider, take into account the ambience of your restaurant and the effect you would like your tableware to create. It can be worth spending more to purchase higher-quality, longer-lasting items where budget is available, so have fun shopping around and finding the perfect tableware for your restaurant.