Food lockers prove a success for QSR

Food lockers

Following the hugely successful launch of its first bricks and mortar restaurant in Islington, London’s most iconic, fried chicken street food brand, Mother Clucker, is flying high with the introduction of its new ‘Cluck & Collect’ in-store service. A first in the QSR (quick-service restaurant) sector, in the UK! We take a look at how these food lockers work and how they can benefit customers and businesses.

How do food lockers work?

In just one locker, Mother Clucker will be able to store food that needs a higher temperature, along with food and drinks that need to be ambient or chilled. This makes the deposit and collection of food very easy for customers and staff, and maintains the quality of the product that is required. It is the first locker in the world able to integrate with order platforms like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

The ‘Food Wall as a Service’ (FWaaS) system, which is a new and cutting-edge design and the first system in the world that has combined heating zones in the form of a wall of locked storage units, which will keep your food warm until you get there to pick it up. 

The operation of the Food Wall is also highly efficient from an energy point of view and ties in with Mother Clucker’s sustainability commitment.

What are the benefits of food lockers?

Mother Clucker will now be able to enjoy a range of benefits after introducing their all-new food lockers. Benefits include:

  • Creating a more seamless and speedy takeaway experience for customers
  • Creating a frictionless click-and-collect service for customers
  • Reducing delivery drivers’ wait times
  • Creating a more comfortable experience for sit-down customers, so they aren’t disturbed by a constant flow of delivery drivers and takeaway customers
  • More streamlined operations for managing out-of-restaurant takeaway orders

What they have to say about their food lockers

Gavin Cox, CEO, Famously Proper says “We are thrilled to be the first quick service restaurant in the UK to be using this new technology. Our ethos is to provide a  quick seamless service and quality assured food, to diners and to those on the go! By using the FWaaS, we can guarantee that your Mother Clucker wings, burgers, wraps, fries, sides and drinks taste as fresh, juicy and crispy as they did when they left the kitchen, with the ease and speed of take out!”

Nayden Nedyalkov, Managing Director of Parcel Hive, Spain “I am very proud that Mother Clucker has been one of the first brands to embrace this new technology.  As companies bounce back from the effects of the pandemic, and the use of delivery companies has increased, we have seen business owners in the QSR space, looking to embrace technology.  This is to optimise their operation and also battle the labour shortage that the industry is facing right now.”