Get Staff Ready For the Reopening of Hotels

reopening hotels

As hotels reopen again on May 17, demand is expected to skyrocket. Staycations are at the forefront of people’s minds and this increased pressure on hotel staff is set to continue for a long time.

In order to deliver a fantastic hotel experience for guests, staff must be prepared. Planning is key in delivering a positive and memorable stay, so this article looks at some of the ways that you can help prepare your workforce ahead of reopening of hotels.

Reassure employees ahead of reopening of hotels

For many in the hospitality sector, it will have been a stressful year full of uncertainty. It’s never been more important to help employees to gain confidence, so make sure you reassure staff ahead of the reopening of hotels.

Here are some of the ways that you can put employees’ minds at ease:  

  1. Take time to speak openly with employees about any concerns they may have
  2. Make sure employees feel comfortable about returning to work
  3. Make any necessary changes to help staff settle in
  4. Speak with employees about career opportunities and the business’ objectives
Staff training ahead of reopening of hotels

Re-engage employees

After such a long period of time being unable to work, hotel staff may struggle to get back into the swing of things immediately. Some will be excited to return to work, however others may find it more difficult to settle.

Here are some of the ways that you can re-engage employees:

  1. Explain any changes or reasons for restructuring teams
  2. Acknowledge events of the past year, but give reasons to be excited about the future
  3. Create team-bonding opportunities for new employees to meet existing members of the team, running virtual meetings if physical meetings are not possible
  4. Outline objectives, targets and incentives where possible
  5. Offer regular team meetings to boost morale


To create a great guest experience, staff must have the required knowledge, skills and confidence. Hotel staff must be able to provide an impressive level of guest service, as well as being aware of health and safety, COVID-safe measures and much more.

Training can be done remotely if it is not possible to do so in person. Taking the time to make sure every member of staff has been adequately prepared will play a vital role in helping the business to succeed in the coming months.

Here are some of the ways that you can upskill your team:

  1. Give in-depth training before the reopening of hotels, to allow time to learn
  2. Highlight any new skills that are required in line with COVID guidelines and business objectives
  3. Outline the importance of creating an outstanding, personalised guest experience and involve staff, allowing them to put their own ideas forward
  4. Train long-term employees on how to manage and engage new members of the team
  5. Identify expectations and offer support for any staff that may need additional training
  6. Facilitate any training courses that are required and check if any have expired,for example, first aid or health and hygiene certifications


Investing time into adequate preparation will enable hoteliers to create an outstanding level of guest service, while keeping team members motivated. The advice given in this article will help you to juggle traditional requirements with any additional COVID-safe protocols.

On behalf of the team at Modern Hospitality, we wish all businesses the best of luck as they reopen their doors again.