Get the most from your hotel booking software

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Hotel booking and management software is used by hoteliers of all sizes, but very few use it to its full potential. When utilised correctly, it can simplify operations, keep staff informed and create a guest experience that is second to none.

The day-to-day running of hotels means business owners rarely have time to research existing systems, let alone introduce new ones. However, by investing time into creating a manageable and efficient system, you can enjoy increased productivity, reduced workload and happy guests.

Here are some of the ways you can make the most of your hotel booking software:

Know the features of hotel booking software

Take time to understand the features available on your existing booking and management software, or any new one you may be considering. For smaller hotels, you may be paying for features that are unnecessary and only benefit larger chains of hotels, so evaluate how suitable the software is for your requirements. Many software providers also offer various add-ons or different packages, so find out how you can tailor your software to do exactly what you need.

Real-time updates

Booking software can be updated instantaneously, enabling staff to see which rooms and services are booked, staying continuously informed. By using one central booking software, you can prevent double bookings and human errors, keeping front of house staff up to date.

Guest communication

Many booking software systems can send automated messages, reducing the strain on staff. An example of this is sending a message to all guests staying in your hotel a day before they are due to arrive. This can include check-in information and additional add-ons that they can book. By doing this, hotels are able to remind guests about their stay, upsell and inform, while reducing the amount of customer service enquiries.

Improved efficiency

By having one centralised booking and management system, every member of staff can be informed, from front desk receptionists to housekeeping. This can greatly improve efficiency, for example, letting housekeeping know as soon as rooms have been vacated, informing the kitchen if a guest has allergies, or passing on a request for clean towels. This means staff can manage their time effectively while delivering first-class customer service.

Hotel booking software

Going above and beyond

Best of all, by having everything organised using a booking and management software, hotels are able to provide the best possible customer service. These systems can also be used to highlight any vacant rooms, allowing front of house staff to upgrade loyal guests or those celebrating an occasion. It can also be used to log special requests made upon booking, allowing staff to go above and beyond and making sure nothing is forgotten through systematic processes.

Remote access

Accessible over smartphones, computers and tablets, anybody with permission to access the software can stay informed, whether in the hotel or outside. This can make it easy to spot trends, stay up to date and pass messages on to relevant members of staff.