GuestTalk: Hostel Transforms Their Guest Experience


Your property is a fantastic place for your guests to stay, but with social distancing due to the pandemic, it can be hard to meet or exceed expectations and create a great guest experience. Businesses need to rebuild revenues, and customers want to feel safe while still enjoying their stay. Digital communication is becoming the way ahead and one hotel manager using GuestTalk had already jumped on the trend before Covid-19 and her accommodation is thriving because of it!

We were delighted to sit down with Anna Högnadottir, Hotel Manager of a beautiful self-catering accommodation in Denmark called SleepCPH. Anna had been using GuestTalk even before the pandemic hit to keep guests informed, answer their requests and guide them throughout their stay. Anna explains below how GuestTalk has transformed the way she runs her hospitality business!

How do you use GuestTalk at your property?

“We haven’t got a 24-hour reception, so I use GuestTalk to make it easy for my guests to receive messages on how to check-in while our reception is closed. By automating messages to send before guests arrive, we are sure that everybody gets into their rooms without any problems.

“GuestTalk has proved its value to us for guest communication, as we can keep in contact with them before, during and after their stay. Using the marketing email builder, I can send campaigns directly to former guests to encourage re-bookings.

My favourite features are sending guest-feedback surveys and using quick actions to broadcast useful information and offers to all my guests instantly.”


How does GuestTalk compliment your Property Management System (PMS)?

“All my guests’ booking information transfers to GuestTalk smoothly from my PMS, so all my guest details are stored. With all my guests’ contact information available to me, I can contact them directly, and I can manage their messages in one inbox. I can also make sure that the right messages get forwarded to the most relevant staff member so they can fulfil requests instantly.”

How did you communicate with guests previously?

“Before GuestTalk, we would contact guests via email and telephone but keeping track of the communication was time-consuming, especially when we had to keep switching platforms. With GuestTalk, all our guest messages are in one inbox and we can respond to SMS, email and social media messages from one screen. Sending the check-in details and our FAQs had to be done manually, but now we automate these messages, saving us time and giving us peace of mind that our guests know how to access their rooms when staff aren’t instantly available.”

What benefits to your service have you noticed since using GuestTalk?

“We’ve been pleased with how the guests are interacting with GuestTalk. Our guests no longer need to wait in line at reception and are happy getting messages from us and being able to contact us immediately. We are changing the whole check-in setup and GuestTalk has helped with the process. 

“We’ve had a great response from our guests who are enjoying using their mobile to navigate their stay. Our guests no longer need to wait in line at reception as they can contact us immediately via their mobile and appreciate receiving information and offers from us via SMS.”

Any other feedback you’d like to share

“We see GuestTalk constantly building on itself, every time I send a request for a feature that I think would be good to have, the team immediately start working on it.

“Never do I get a no for an answer with GuestTalk, everything is doable, and I appreciate their dedication to the product and real hoteliers needs. 

“It’s a great product and they’re constantly making it better. I am already recommending it to others.”

Visit the GuestTalk website.