Introduce new vegan options this Veganuary

vegan options for restaurants

With ‘Veganuary’ in full swing and healthy options more popular than ever before, what better time to introduce some new vegan options to your business?

This article gives top tips to cater for vegan customers in your restaurant.

1. Adapt existing dishes

Try offering vegan-friendly substitutions to ingredients in your most popular dishes. This can be as simple as testing dairy-free milk in a recipe instead of cow’s milk, or using vegan cheese instead of dairy-based options.

2. Highlight vegan options on your menu and marketing channels

Without marketing your vegan options, it’s difficult to get the word out. Clearly mark vegan dishes on menus, upload these to your website and shout about them on social media.

3. Ask for feedback

What better way to find out which vegan options could be most popular, than to ask your customers? Reach out on social media and ask customers for their thoughts, to spark inspiration and excitement!

4. Educate staff

Excite customers with interesting information about your vegan menu options. To communicate this effectively, make sure staff are aware of these options and can share your passion.

Examples of vegan options

To show you some of the ways that restaurants are improving their list of vegan dishes, we’ve included some examples for inspiration:

Wagamama – Tempura f-ish and bang bang yaki imo

Wagamama vegan options

This dish is vegan friendly, making it a unique twist on traditional fish and chips for any dietary requirements.

Domino’s – PepperoNAY pizza

Dominos veganuary vegan menu choices

This vegan substitute for the traditional pepperoni pizza has been capturing the attention of those looking for an alternative to pork pepperoni. In addition to this, Domino’s also offer vegan chicken nuggets.

Honest Burgers – V Honest

Honest burgers Vegan Covent Garden options

Honest Burgers have gone the extra mile this Veganuary. Opening their Covent Garden branch as a vegan only branch, they have a range of plant-based and vegan options, including their teriyaki burger and countless other choices.

Bella Italia – CarbOGGnara pasta

Bella Italia's carbonara for vegans using Oggs

This vegan take on carbonara includes vegan streaky bacon and a delicious smoky white sauce made using Oggs, an egg alternative.

If you’re looking to research vegan products and ideas further, the Vegan Society can be a great place to get started.