London’s Most Instagrammed Green Pubs and Restaurants

Having a social media presence has become increasingly important in the past year. Utilising social media channels has enabled hospitality businesses to grow their social media followings, connect with customers and create engaged audiences.

Instagram has proven particularly successful for restaurants, pubs and other businesses in the industry, creating an opportunity to drive brand awareness and increase loyalty.

As Visit Britain has predicted a rise in domestic tourism in 2021, the importance of Instagram shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In fact, domestic spending is expected to rise by 79%, compared to 2020. So why not get inspiration from some of the best and showcase your vibrant indoor and outdoor spaces?

This article reveals the most Instagrammed green spaces to grab top-quality food and drink. These restaurants, bars and pubs that have used foliage to enhance their hospitality spaces have clearly impressed customers.

Restaurants that are Instagrammed - pic from Instagram

London’s Most Instagrammed Green Pubs and Restaurants 

This list includes the most Instagrammed green pubs ans restaurants across London. Each has fantastic content that has worked to grow brand awareness and loyalty with hospitality customers.

  1. Sky Garden London 
  2. SushiSamba Covent Garden
  3. Drunch 
  4. Petersham Nurseries Cafe
  5. Aubaine 
  6. The Churchill Arms
  7. Roka / Shochu Lounge 
  8. Dalloway Terrace 
  9. Mr Fogg’s Botanical Garden 
  10. Bourne and Hollingsworth 
  11. Circolo Popolare
  12. Restaurant Ours
  13. Bar Elba 
  14. Mare Street Market 
  15. The Culpeper 

Here are the stats behind the best green London restaurants on Instagram: 

Sky Garden London@sg_skygarden325,916 141,000
SushiSamba Covent Gardens@sushisamba168,30086,000
Petersham Nurseries Cafe@petershamnurseries50,419180,000
The Churchill Armschurchillarmsw818,98011,300
Roka /Shochu Lounge@roka_london16,26153,000
Dalloway Terrace@dallowayterrace15,44990,200
Mr Fogg’s Botanical Garden@mrfoggsgb11,38681,600
Bourne and Hollingsworth@bourneandhollingsworth8,39426,900
Circolo Popolare@circolopopolare7,88418,100
Restaurant Ours@restaurant_ours6,32750,900
Bar Elba@bar_elba5,71615,100
Mare Street Market@marestreetmarket4,74945,000
The Culpeper@theculpeper2,5799,023

Figures are accurate as of February 2021

Sushi Samba - Instagrammed restaurants and pubs

Take a look at each of the businesses’ Instagram channels featured in this article, to find creative ideas that you could implement too!