SEO Keywords for Coffee Shops on a Budget

SEO for coffee shops

There are more than 1.4 billion results for ‘coffee shops’ on Google. The likelihood is that you’re nowhere near the top 100 pages of that Google search, so how can you be found organically online? The answer is simple… Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This piece will explain the importance of SEO keywords for coffee shops, as well as how to utilise them on a budget.

33% of all Google searches see people click on one of the top three search results, meaning you can have your share of this 33% if you strategically use phrases related to your business.

Can you do SEO on a budget?

You certainly can. While there are countless businesses that specialise in this, there are also plenty of ways to succeed through DIY SEO. With countless resources available online, you may not be able to become an expert, but you can certainly improve your SEO without having to outsource.

Why do coffee shops need to focus on SEO keywords?

By failing to capture customers’ attention online, you are potentially missing out on a large number of visitors without even realising. Many hospitality businesses make the mistake of focusing their efforts only inside their shop, forgetting about the growing popularity of online searches to find places to go.

Think about how you would locate a coffee shop in a town you are not familiar with. For most of us, we would search on Google for nearby coffee shops. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that coffee-drinkers will search for coffee regularly, so it’s important to capture their attention in the places where they consume information.

When done correctly, you can use SEO keywords for coffee shops as a continuous referral of customers, growing your reputation, getting your messaging out and enticing new people into your coffee shop.

SEO keywords for coffee shops

Use the right SEO keywords for coffee shops

It’s all about finding keywords that you can realistically rank for. You might not be in the top results for ’coffee shops, but there’s no reason you can’t rank highly for terms your customers are searching for.

The success of your SEO campaigns will rely on your use of SEO keywords for coffee shops. Without using the correct keywords, competitors will be able to overtake you on the search results.

Begin with keyword research, considering the searches your target market is likely to make. Consider how difficult it will be to rank for each term, aiming for medium to low competition keywords with the highest possible search volumes.

Think about your USPs and what makes you stand out from competitors, whether it’s free Wi-Fi or live music and include these in your keywords.

There are many tools such as KeywordTool which enable you to view the search volume and competition, guiding you to choose the best possible keywords.

Coffee related keywords could include:

  • Coffee shop in (insert town)
  • Latte in (insert town)
  • Best coffee in (insert town)
  • Live music coffee shop
  • Wi-Fi coffee shop
  • Best coffee dates
  • Coffee and snacks

The quick SEO to do list

  • Create regularly updated content including keywords
  • Make your website mobile-optimised and fast
  • Activate and keep your Google My Business Profile up to date
  • Include SEO keywords in headings, meta descriptions, content and titles
  • Feature SEO optimised images in your content
  • Use Google Analytics to track success