6 Creative ways to boost hospitality staff retention

hospitality staff: how to hire and retain

To overcome hospitality staffing challenges, businesses must look at the ways that they compensate hospitality staff for their work, as well as working conditions and benefits.

With the future of many businesses relying on hiring and retaining hospitality staff, we reveal 6 creative ways to boost staff retention.

1. Shorter working weeks

With unsociable hours being a common reason for a lack of staff retention or hiring challenges, shorter working weeks could be a solution to tempt in new talent.

This could include the option for staff to opt into working four-day weeks, while retaining their weekly hours and wage.

2. Flexible working hours

Having a flexible working hours policy could be another way to grow and maintain a successful team in the hospitality industry.

While this will take more time management, having a larger workforce and the opportunity for them to work hours that suit them can be a solution for those struggling to hire staff.

3. Profit-sharing schemes

Some businesses have found that launching a profit-sharing scheme for staff could incentivise hard work and encourage employees to remain in the same workplace for longer periods of time.

This would typically involve giving a percentage of profits back to employees and is often paid quarterly, annually, or in some cases, at retirement age.

4. Workplace perks

Offering workplace perks is another way to boost staff loyalty and morale.

Consider the ways that you can offer value to your employees, whether this is through discounted family meals, incentives, or anything else that you believe will create a motivated team.

An example of one business that offers creative workplace perks is Heaneys restaurant in Cardiff, which has used the office space above its premises to provide accommodation for staff at a fraction of the typical market rate.

5. Training

Offering training can be another way to hire ambitious staff, as well as helping them to further their careers.

When paired with internal promotions and opportunities, this can be a great way to maintain your best talent, as opposed to training them and them leaving.

6. Positive working environments

This may be one of the most obvious ways to keep your staff, yet it is something that many establishments struggle to achieve.

Looking after staff, listening to their feedback and taking action to improve overall working conditions is a fantastic way to make your business a great place to work. Begin by speaking with your existing employees, or do an anonymous survey to spot any opportunities for improvement.

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Try these hospitality staff retention top tips now

Not every idea in this article will be possible to implement, however, by reassessing your existing strategies, it is possible to grow your team, despite the challenges the industry is facing. 

Whether you’re managing a restaurant, bar, pub, coffee shop or hotel, take a look at the above staff retention tips for hospitality businesses and adapt them to suit your establishment and team.

Looking to grow your hospitality team?

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