7 Ways to use hotel guest reviews to boost business

How to boost business with hotel guest reviews

Hotel guest reviews are a fantastic source of information, helping you to grow your brand, encourage bookings and build trust. But what are the best ways to collect reviews and how can you make sure they show your hotel in a positive light?

This article explores the best ways to collect feedback from hotel guests, resolve any issues and earn a glowing review that helps to boost business.

The benefits of hotel guest reviews

Benefits of hotel guests reviews include:

  • Boosts hotel credibility
  • Builds brand trust
  • Increases interaction with guests
  • Helps you to improve
  • Can be used as free marketing
  • Can enable you to repair negative experiences before guests leave

Why you need to be creative when collecting hotel guest reviews

Studies show that guests are 21% more likely to leave a review after a negative experience at a hotel than a positive one. To give an accurate representation of your business, it is essential to encourage all guests, whether they are happy or unhappy, to give feedback, making it hassle-free and quick.

1. Choose the best time for feedback

Choosing the right time to ask for feedback on guests’ experiences is the best way to gain detailed information. Often, it can be beneficial to ask this during their stay, so there is time to resolve any issues that they have encountered, rather than waiting until they have left.

Here are some of the times you can ask for feedback:

At check-in

By the time a guest checks in, they will have already experienced your booking process, the communication before their stay and the check-in itself. By asking for feedback on these aspects of their experience so far, it’s a great way to set the tone and identify any issues early.

Wi-Fi login

With 65% of guests accessing Wi-Fi within seven minutes of checking into a hotel, you can add a section to offer feedback when they access the Wi-Fi. This timing can work well, as they will have already experienced check-in and explored their room. These are major factors in guest satisfaction, so giving guests the opportunity to send feedback at this stage can be beneficial.

Locations where people wait

A great time to capture people’s attention is while they are waiting. Whether this is in the hotel lobby, near reception, or in the queue for a breakfast buffet, putting a clearly marked tablet is a great way to capture guests’ feedback in a non-intrusive way.

At checkout

Asking for feedback before guests leave the premises still leaves time to have a face-to-face conversation and gives you an opportunity to repair the situation if you have an unsatisfied guest. This is far better than having an unhappy guest leave and your business unexpectedly receiving a negative review online.

How to boost business with hotel guest reviews

2. Utilise technology

There are countless forms of technology that can make it easier to understand guests’ experiences and gather feedback. These include:

  • QR codes
  • Tablets and touchscreens
  • On televisions in rooms
  • During the Wi-Fi login process
  • As part of a hotel rewards programme or app
  • Through an automated email

3. Make sure staff ask for feedback

Make sure staff are friendly and approachable, taking opportunities to ask guests how they are finding their stay. As well as gaining an insight into their experience, this works to show diligence.

4. Act on feedback

All feedback should be acted on, whether it is positive or negative. From speaking with a guest about their pleasant experience, to taking the opportunity to offer a free upgrade or resolve an issue with an unhappy guest’s stay, it’s important to do this as soon as possible.

Make sure processes are in place for feedback to quickly get to the hotel team, making sure they can respond and fix any issues before a guest leaves.

5. Use reviews to improve

Regular themes in negative reviews can deter people from booking a stay.

Any regular issues should be addressed in team meetings, using this as an opportunity to come up with creative solutions while encouraging staff to play a key role in providing that all-important outstanding guest experience.

Make sure you also celebrate positive reviews and pass compliments on to the relevant team members, helping to keep morale high!

7 Ways to boost business with hotel guest reviews

6. Respond to online reviews

With 81% of travellers frequently reading reviews before booking a hotel, it is essential to acknowledge all reviews. Use negative online reviews as an opportunity to demonstrate how seriously you take guest experience, collecting details of the guest’s stay and reaching out to repair the relationship with the unhappy guests.

As well as increasing the likelihood of the guest returning, this also works to grow confidence amongst those that are considering booking.

7. Share guests’ reviews online

Why not use positive guest reviews in your marketing materials? Feature your favourite reviews on your website and social media channels, to highlight the things you are most proud of. This is a great way to boost brand loyalty and awareness, while demonstrating that you pay close attention to feedback.

An enormous 70.9% of people say that online content influences their choice of where they stay, so make sure you create content that will encourage them to book.

If you want to get creative, you can even use different media to share reviews:

  • Quotes from guests’ reviews
  • Imagery
  • Video

How to begin collecting hotel guest reviews

If you don’t already have some, or all of the above processes in place to gather hotel guest reviews, begin by introducing some of the most simple and seeing how well they work. From there, the ways that you collect hotel guest reviews can be adapted, but the key is getting started.