Meet Change Beverages: Coffee Supplier

Change Beverages

Small enough to care but large enough to deliver, Change Beverages is the coffee supplier of choice for many independent businesses across the UK and a preferred supplier of Lavazza, one of the world’s most popular and well-known coffee brands. 

Driven by a commitment to build a relationship with every customer and deliver a truly personal service, Change Beverages looks for and finds ways to meet every customer’s unique requirement. “Our customers come first, second and third” says Managing Director, Alan Ramsay.

When a hotel client decided to launch an afternoon tea offering, Change Beverages provided a range of loose-leaf tea complete with bespoke packaging and menu designs that included their client’s logo. When a coffee shop client’s coffee grinder stopped working late one Friday night, Change Beverages drove the 110-mile round trip to replace it in time for the weekend. Meanwhile, introducing new beverage ranges to a garden centre client helped them to increase their cafe sales to over £1m.

Change Beverages

The North West based wholesale coffee supplier also offers free barista training to ensure that their customers get the most from their coffee, teaching the science behind coffee and the art behind making it. Included in their training is how to take care of your products and equipment: how to heat milk, how to store coffee beans, how to clean your machine and more. Everything a barista needs to know. 

Of course, even with the very best training, things can still go wrong. “Things are great when they are going great but we are here when things go wrong too!” says Alan Ramsay. He continues, “We understand how important it is to get back in business as quickly as possible if a coffee machine or piece of equipment malfunctions. We get an engineer out within 24 hours but we also offer an annual machine service and boiler check because prevention is better than cure!”

All that being said, it’s no surprise that Change Beverages’ customers rate them 5 out of 5 for customer service. “I cannot fault the customer service. Nothing is too small or too large an order to deliver. This level of service is worthy of a Premier company” says one cafe manager. “We’re happy with everything. Thank you for supporting us for so long” said another.

Excellent customer service isn’t the only thing going for Change Beverages. Describing themselves as “a one-stop-shop for all coffee supplies”, they boast a wide product range which includes coffee beans, coffee machines and everything in between; crockery, coffee syrups, sugar sticks, hot chocolate and more. One of their key ranges is Lavazza coffee. 

Change Beverages

As one of Lavazza’s preferred suppliers, Change Beverages helps to bring an authentic Italian coffee experience to cafes up and down the UK and is authorised to supply official Lavazza branded collateral such as signage, point-of-sale materials and crockery to support your sales and marketing. With over 120 years of coffee roasting experience behind them, Lavazza guarantees quality in every sip but for coffee shops who something a little more artisan, Change also offers their own brand of coffee. Change Coffee is ethically grown and harvested before being roasted right here in the UK.

Ramsay comments, “We encourage all of our partners not only to invest in proper coffee but also to invest in proper tea. If your coffee shop is not already serving loose-leaf tea, then you’re missing a treat.” From punchy Earl Grey to zesty Moroccan Mint, Change Beverages offers more than ten different loose-leaf tea blends, each crafted using high-quality and natural ingredients. 

With the popularity of flavoured and speciality teas on the rise, Change Tea is particularly popular with consumers looking to make healthier beverage choices. And did you know that loose-leaf tea is also much more environmentally friendly than teabags?

Change Beverages

Finally, Change Beverages has an extensive range of commercial coffee machines. Which one is best for your business is a very personal choice based on factors such as requirements, budget and taste. Choosing a machine can be a daunting decision but the team at Change work with you to understand what you need and help you to decide what type of machine will be most beneficial for you, whether it’s a small pour-and-serve coffee maker or a multi-group head traditional espresso machine.

If you’re a coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, pub, garden centre, caterer or other business that serves coffee and you are looking for a coffee supplier that combines five-star, personal customer service with a wide, high-quality product range, then contact Change Beverages on 07711 798 877 or visit