New report on the hospitality sector’s current landscape

London-based design and branding agency, Land of Plenty has launched a report titled “The Shift: Hospitality Edit”, focusing on the hospitality sector’s current landscape, offering strategies for businesses to become more sustainable, purpose-driven, and community-focused while emphasising the theory of marginal gains. As with all of Land of Plenty’s work, there is a focus on design and the positive impact it can have.

The report is jam-packed full of real-world examples of people doing brilliant things, offering an honest opinion on why this is relevant during these pivotal times. Land of Plenty hopes that by sharing this research and the context around it, they can help to trigger some positive shifts within the industry and give progressive thinkers and doers the confidence to keep pushing forward towards a brave new world.

Jonny Rowe, co-founder and creative director at Land of Plenty, states, “We always want to inspire the little shifts in our clients and it’s our ongoing mission to create brands that have a meaningful impact on the world. In the spirit of Land of Plenty, we are using this report to reach as wide an audience as possible, to inspire ways of ‘doing’ rather than just ‘saying’. Being a 1%er is about taking small steps towards being better, not making huge claims of being perfect.”

Key Insights from the Report:

The Catalyst for Change: The hospitality industry, employing 1.8 million people in Britain, has the potential to help lead the way in addressing climate change, social justice, and community connection.

Consumer Expectations: Today’s consumers are more discerning, seeking value and meaningful interactions. Businesses must adapt to stay relevant and make a positive impact.

Sustainability Imperative: The report highlights the impact of hotels on carbon emissions and food waste, emphasising the need for bold, positive intervention by industry leaders.

Soil-to-Seat Dining: The trend of sourcing local, seasonal, and climate-positive ingredients is gaining momentum, empowering consumers to make sustainable choices.

Efficient Design: Businesses in the hospitality sector are making strides in efficient design, from energy usage to materials and ingredients, and are contributing to a more circular economy.

Community Building: The report stresses the importance of creating spaces that nurture community and connect people, place, and planet.

Post-Pandemic Trends: The post-pandemic era has led to a shift in consumer preferences, focusing on joyful experiences, rest, and balanced living.

Visual Storytelling: The report emphasises the significance of visual storytelling in conveying a brand’s values and commitment to issues that matter.

Sustainable Lifestyle: Many consumers lack knowledge about sustainability, presenting an opportunity for brands to lead in making sustainable choices as essential as profit.

Advocating for Nature: In the face of the climate emergency, brands should authentically champion nature and prioritise it in their internal processes and offerings.

Land of Plenty’s report serves as a call to action for the hospitality industry, encouraging a shift towards more responsible and community-oriented practices. By implementing these insights, businesses can become better brands that positively impact their customers and the planet.

Access Land of Plenty’s report here: