Raising The Bar: State of Hospitality Operations 2023

State of Hospitality Operations 2023

State of Hospitality Operations 2023: boosting profitability, reducing costs

Post-pandemic recovery in the UK’s hospitality industry is in full swing, but there are still significant challenges ahead. Rising inflation, staffing shortages and evolving customer expectations are just some of the issues bars, clubs and venues are navigating.

To uncover how the most successful hospitality businesses remain competitive and continue to grow in a tough market, Square’s survey reveals:

  • How bars and clubs are streamlining operations to reduce costs and drive growth
  • The importance of shift workers, staff wellbeing and retention
  • The three critical factors for improved profitability (that’s inventory control, team management and tech adoption)
  • The priorities for hospitality businesses in 2023

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Square’s survey – at a glance

In January 2023, Square surveyed 300 businesses to find out how they are raising the bar and driving growth in their business.

Our survey respondents:

  • Own one or more bar, club or hospitality businesses across the UK
  • Are a senior decision maker
  • Employ more than one member of staff

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