Top Tips for Brilliant Hotel Customer Service

Top Tips for Brilliant Hotel Customer Service

In the hospitality game, stellar customer service is more than just a perk – it’s the cornerstone of your success. Whether you’re managing a quaint B&B in the Cotswolds or a bustling city centre hotel, these top tips will help you create an experience that makes guests feel truly valued.

1. Warm Welcomes and Cheery Farewells

First and last impressions make a lasting impact. Greet guests with a genuine smile and friendly demeanour. “Good morning!” or “Lovely to see you!” goes a long way. Train your staff to make those extra helpful offers, “May I help you with your bags?” or “Would you like some directions for your afternoon walk?”. And when it’s time for guests to leave, a heartfelt “Thank you for staying, we hope to see you again soon” can make all the difference.

2. Anticipate Needs, Exceed Expectations

The best customer service isn’t simply reactive, it’s proactive. Anticipate those little things that make a stay extra comfortable. For example:

  • A family with young children might appreciate a quiet room away from the lift.
  • Guests attending a conference could benefit from an early breakfast.
  • If it’s a guest’s birthday, a small thoughtful surprise can go a long way.

3. The Power of “Yes” (Whenever Possible)

Flexibility is key. While there are rules and procedures, always try to find the “yes” for a guest’s reasonable request. Can they have a slightly later check-out? Is there an option to store luggage before their room is ready? A willingness to accommodate makes a guest feel valued.

4. “I Don’t Know, But I’ll Find Out”

Honesty is much better than guesswork. Don’t be afraid to say, “I’m not sure, but let me find that out for you right away.” Empower your staff to know where to go for information and make those enquiries swiftly.

5. When Things Go Wrong (And They Will!)

Even the best hotels have the occasional hiccup. It’s how you handle those issues that demonstrates your commitment to service. Apologise sincerely and focus on solutions. Train your staff to stay calm, listen attentively to the complaint, and involve a manager if necessary.

6. Make the Most of Technology

Technology can be your customer service sidekick. Implement systems that streamline bookings, pre-arrival communications (for collecting preferences and dietary needs), and quick feedback surveys. This helps tailor the experience and identify potential pain points before they become bigger issues.

Bonus Tip: It’s All About the Team

Excellent customer service starts with a happy, well-trained team. Invest in your staff, provide opportunities for growth and show appreciation for their hard work. A content team leads to contented guests!

Remember, exceptional customer service isn’t about grand gestures, but the consistent delivery of those little things that make guests feel special. With these tips, your hotel can create the kind of experience that keeps guests coming back for more.