The Best Events in Hospitality for Marketing Your Business

events in hospitality

Marketing is becoming increasingly essential for hospitality businesses looking to grow. Now that the industry is bouncing back after the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to spread the word. Sure, there are many effective marketing strategies for a hospitality business, but attending events is one of the best ways to get the message out and connect with potential business partners. It also allows you to network with other players in the industry and establish partnerships to help your business grow. 

Here are the events in hospitality for marketing your business.

  1. ITB Berlin

The ITB (Internationale Tourismus Börse) is a world-leading travel trade show offering a unique opportunity to learn about different regions and countries in one venue. Each year, the event draws over 10,000 participants from over 180 countries. It welcomes companies from the travel and tourism industries, from airlines to hotels, tour operators and other businesses.

Berlin hosts the ITB in March of every year, particularly in the Berlin ExpoCenter City. As one of the world’s leading travel trade shows, the ITB turns Berlin into an overbooked city, with almost all hotels fully booked during the event. And while many would think that the event is only for the “big players” in the industry, anyone in the hospitality keen on marketing their products or services is welcome to attend. No matter how big or small your business, you can benefit from attending ITB Berlin.

Plan your trip accordingly and make bookings as early as possible. But first, figure out what you want to accomplish from attending the ITB and accommodate your strategy accordingly. From this, decide which days you want to be there since the event lasts a week. If the goal is to establish contacts, market your business, and close deals, determine which industry players are present on certain days. That way, you don’t have to be there the entire week.

  1. World Travel Market

WTM (World Travel Market) aims to provide the best opportunities for professionals in the travel industry to connect, learn and do business. It seeks to shape the future of travel and how business is done through many years of experience and by embracing innovation. 

Since the travel industry is a dynamic field that continues to evolve, it has become even more essential for travel professionals to connect with other industry players, allowing them to stay current on the latest trends and innovations. WTM makes it easy for businesses and professionals in the travel industry to network and connect. It offers a wealth of opportunities for travel professionals to network by bringing together industry leaders from around the globe to share ideas and insights. 

In an increasingly competitive industry like travel and tourism, WTM plays a crucial role in bringing together industry leaders to share ideas and foster collaboration. WTM provides a unique platform for travel professionals to connect, uncover the latest trends and innovations, and explore new business opportunities. The event also offers the perfect venue for marketing and showcasing products and services on a global scale.

  1. IBTM World 

IBTM World is another fantastic event in hospitality that offers the perfect place to market your business. It’s a leading global event for conferences, meetings, incentives, and the events industry, taking place yearly in Barcelona. The goal is to inspire businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences.

IBTM World is one of the leading benchmark events in the MICE industry, an industry generating billions of euros in Spain annually. Such a figure attests to the industry’s capacity and repercussions not only in Spain but all over the world. It’s a great event due to the premium attendees, consisting of highly qualified industry experts and those with high purchasing decision power.

As part of its goal to promote culture, IBTM World includes Cultural Roadshows in its event. These roadshows aim to showcase different cultural destinations worldwide and explore how destinations tap into their unique culture to open up huge potential. 

In addition, IBTM World’s Knowledge Programme focuses on the core cultural theme of the event, including session tracks on business, connections, careers, experiences, and brands. The event’s networking events highlight the unique culture of various destinations.

  1. International Hotel Technology Forum

The International Hotel Technology Forum is a unique event attracting hundreds of C-Suite executives who gather to discuss the recent challenges and innovations in the hotel industry. Bringing together management companies, hoteliers, and solution providers, it’s one of the best events in hospitality for marketing your business.  

At the International Hotel Technology Forum, industry players will discuss industry challenges and future directions, including how technology transforms the industry by enhancing customer experience to increase revenue and improve operational efficiency. 

Attending the International Hotel Technology Forum is a fantastic opportunity to listen to leading hotels discussing the latest trends and opportunities and learn about the latest technological developments and innovations in hospitality, helping you stay ahead of your competitors.

Those who attended the event can attest that the meetings were productive and engaging. They believe that the IHTF is an excellent networking and marketing opportunity for hoteliers and companies in the hospitality industry.

  1. The Annual Hotel Conference

The Annual Hotel Conference is one of the UK’s top industry conferences, covering global and local industry travel trends. It also covers the challenges and innovations in the industry while emphasising practical value, together with B2B partnerships. 

The two-day event includes seminars, workshops, debates, and industry presentations. Those expected to attend are hoteliers, operators, owners, managers, investors, consultants, industry leaders, and tourism boards. For companies in the hospitality industry wanting to market their business while gaining some knowledge about the industry, attending the Annual Hotel Conference is highly recommended.

The event organisers are committed to providing hoteliers, operators, owners, managers, investors, and everyone in the industry practical knowledge and insights to equip them with the latest trends and help them return to business post-pandemic. In doing so, those companies in the industry can deliver a better and more exceptional hospitality experience.